Saturday, January 22, 2011

My First Blog Award...Yay!!

Hi everyone,
I am sooooo excited,  I got my first blog award today!  I want to thank Girlia for being so super sweet and passing along this award to me, THANK YOU :0)  Check out her blog and show her some love, she is amazing  I am so honored that you decided to share this with me. It is a real privelege for me to be in such great company with all you talented ladies out there.  So upon receiving this award I must thank the person who gave this to me and link it back to their blog and share 8 things about myself. Also, pass along the award to 8 other individuals that  I have recently discovered and leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition.

So here are my eight in no particular order:

Janice -
Lauren -
Liz -
Anita -
Jenny -
Christina -
Tracy -
Jo -

These ladies are truly amazing, stop by and show them some love :0)

Now, 8 things about me:

1 - My Name is Diana and my blog name is in honor of my mother who passed away in 2008 (Her name was Daisy). 
2 - I love my boyfriend very much  - He is my number #1 Fan-Thanks Babe ;0)
3 - I love my family and friends very much. Although the two that meant the most to me are no longer with me - My mother and father
4 - I am an only child
5 - I have no children, hopefully someday
6 - I live in Miami, FL.  (But have also lived in New York, Chicago and Toronto)
7 - I found a new passion (Card Making & Scrapbooking) after being laid off back in 2009 from a job I really enjoyed  (Every dark cloud has a silver lining)
8 - I am a pattern paper junkie - can't get enough of!!

Thanks again Girlia for my award!!


  1. I accidentally found your blog from Jenny's blog. Love your snowman down below and love that your blog name is dedicated to your Mom. Welcome to bloggerland. I am a fairly newbie as well. Come visit if you get a chance.

  2. Hi Diana! Thank you so much for this award! You are so thoughtful! God bless you!